Aymerik Renard

Mr. Renard joined SanDisk in 2014 to expand the venture investing activity around datacenter, mobile, and Internet of Things technologies.

Mr. Renard has 20 years of business development and venture capital experience, most of which he spent as a corporate investor for the Orange-France Telecom Group in North America, investing in start-ups involved in enterprise, consumer, and carrier technologies spanning hardware, software, and services. Mr. Renard  has had portfolio companies go public on the Nasdaq, NYSE, and Neuer Markt, and others have been acquired by Cisco, Yahoo, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Cable & Wireless, IBM, Keynote, and SAP. Mr. Renards computing industry career began in college when he served as a Campus Representative for Apple Computer.

Mr. Renard earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Information & Decision Systems, with an additional major in Policy & Management, from Carnegie Mellon University.