June 11-12, 2014 Computer History Museum

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Silicon Valley Open Doors

SVOD2013 Winter Presenting Companies

Silicon Valley Open Doors

Epiphan Labs has developed, in collaboration with NASA, Henry Ford Health System and the Federal Medical-­Biological Agency of Russia, a video capture device customized for the medical community. Its ease of use and ability to capture hi-­res... Read more

Mine is a social web app, connecting people through common interests, namely via their personal things. Users put in the information about their favorite things — we provide an environment where it’s socially rewarding to share this data publicly... Read more

nuPSYS is the leader in the new generation of network automation and self-defined network solutions. We have created a Network Automation Control Center we call nuGEN Automation, that redefines the entire operation of network management,... Read more

Nerture brings together financial institutions customer data + merchants transactional data + search engine data to build a shopper profile of every credit/debit cardholder in North America and provide insight into every click and purchase at an... Read more

Kindred is a beautiful application that allows you to create stunning, hardcopy photo books right from your phone in under 2 minutes and for only $5 each with our subscription plan. Kindred aggregates, analyzes, and recommends photos from the... Read more

Even though total estimated charitable giving in the United States in 2012 approached $300 billion dollars and individuals were the single greatest source, with contributions just under $218 billion, only 60% of Millennials and Gen X gave money... Read more

ARTtwo50 is building the new marketplace for original art. Our initial iPad app is the first mobile e-commerce art platform that allows users to see recommended pieces of artwork from... Read more

Each year, $916 billion dollars of construction occur in the US. Yet no existing tool can generate the best, fastest, or cheapest way to build a project. Current project management tools require the user to mentally optimize a large number of... Read more

Parakeet brings hotel convenience to vacation rentals. Vacation rentals suffer from a number of inconveniences especially the check-in/out process, key exchange, and lack of hotel-like services including cleaning and concierge. Our system... Read more

Bizzabo is the leading networking platform for event organizers and attendees. Bizzabo integrates social media to build highly-interactive event communities, helping organizers, sponsors and exhibitors to engage directly with guests and seek out... Read more

Citybot is a virtual travel assistant for smartphones and tablets. Our flexible Itinerary Engine™ uses the travelers’ preferences to help them quickly make informed decisions and pick from thousands of destination activity options without having... Read more

Millions of SMB web sites today are still purely informational and have no way to transact online.

Ecwid widget adds online store widget to any website or social network page in just 5 minutes: 

www.picVpic.com is a search engine and aggregator for fashion clothing and accessories with unique product comparison tools. Imagine picVpic as a virtual shopping mall of all online fashion stores with a... Read more

SunnyKarma is a Social Enterprise. We are:

- a social fundraising platform for charities and non-profits

- a marketplace of unique experiences for a good cause (i.e. eBay for a good cause)

- a philanthropic profile for you... Read more

TruckerPath.com is a cutting out the middleman platform where a) carriers find truckloads (cargo to move); b) shippers post loads or find carriers to move their cargo; and c) truckers (carriers) get logistical assistance. We are Uber for trucking... Read more

Rallyware is a web and mobile platform that enables companies and organizations to drive audiences that they do not control to take specific and tangible company-defined actions. Our current customers include direct selling/MLM companies... Read more

Dressformer Inc. is a startup that has created an innovative 3D online fitting technology. The product is a game-changer for the online shopping world, allowing customers to try on clothing and shoes pre-purchase on photo-realistic, to-scale... Read more

Globally there are over 298 million parents who are exchanging over $990 billion dollars every year in child support. However, there has been no standard process or system to enable parents to manage this emotional and conflict ridden process.... Read more

Veristorm helps enterprises build Big Data infrastructure which preserves security and complies with governance policies while exploiting their “Crown Jewels”, i.e. the core corporate data related to customers, products, history and transactions... Read more

Zyante aims to lead the next generation of textbook publishing, to create extraordinary web-native material, and to make it relevant and personalized for the student and instructor.  As a first step in this direction, Zyante is developing... Read more

321 Action is a team of innovative services developers, who has developed a turnkey solution for LTE network  - Virtual Packet Core. The Virtual Packet Core (VPC) is a Service, that changes the traditional vision of LTE netwrork infrastracture.... Read more

Humtap is a collaborative music-making platform for people of all ages, using mobile, social media to enable anyone to connect through a rewarding and fun experience.


Humtap technology instantly transforms any hummed or tapped... Read more