June 10-11, 2015

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Silicon Valley Open Doors

SVOD2014 Presenting Companies

Silicon Valley Open Doors

Skwibl is a web-based solution that helps designers and their clients, as well as design teams work on projects together using interactive collaboration on images and videos. Instead of writing long emails proposing a variety of corrections, you... Read more

Teamable provides software to rapidly and intelligently staff projects with high-performing, compatible teams. Learning the strengths and working preferences of your employees, clients and contractors (and their professional connections) to... Read more

Travelnuts maximizes hotels' revenues by enabling them to upsell ancillary products and services - such as local activities, dining, shows, transportation, etc. - directly to their guests. Based on a proprietary, mobile-compatible e-commerce... Read more

GoBuyside is the leading professional community for business and finance professionals

Kindoma helps families do playful activities together (like reading or drawing) even when apart; think Skype for kids with an interactive twist.

CityHour is innovative and powerful business-networking app that emphasizes the human relationship not merely a digital one. In business, it's not what you know, but who you know! And unlike LinkedIn and other competitive apps in the space,... Read more

Rukuku is a Business-To-Business SaaS platform for corporate and skills training. Rukuku enables synchronous (live) and asynchronous delivery of distance training programs and courses. The platform operates on "web + mobile" principle. Rukuku’s... Read more

Looksery Inc. is a company from San Francisco Bay Area that was founded in 2013. The company specializes in the face tracking and face modification technologies for real-time video messaging. Looksery launches a mobile application for superior... Read more

Bookmate is a social reading service based on a subscription model. Bookmate is available on all devices and allows you to seamlessly read wherever you are. Bookmate creates a new economy for digital readers. We have pioneered subscription based... Read more

EmpInfo offers a solution to automate the verification process on cloud to help employers fulfill their employee's need to provide proof of employment & income, whenever they are buying/refinancing a home, applying for a job, seeking... Read more

ArtCorgi is the art commission marketplace. Choose between our hundreds of artists to create anything you ask them to whether it be a social media profile avatar or a romantic gift.

MakeTime: Marketplace for unused manufacturing capacity focusing on providing transparent, quantifiable, and verifiable metrics to enable online transactions without the cumbersome RFQ model.

Electric Motor Werks is revolutionizing Electric Vehicle charging around the world. Market leading products across several categories - as seen on Engadget, KickStarter, LA Times. Team with deep technical and business expertise - Google, McKinsey... Read more

tagMap is a mobile dating app that uses Interests and Reputation to connect people. Look around, keep your privacy!

BSSL develops modern online employee evaluation platform that helps business to assess roles, interactions, influence and effectiveness of individuals within the organization. Evaluation results are based on strict psychometric principles and... Read more

Ohanae delivers comprehensive cloud privacy protection. Ohanae protects both your data in the cloud and the credentials used to access this data. Through patent pending technology, Ohanae software ensures passwords and encryption keys are... Read more

How is my Big Data today? the answer should not be reserved for a few elite analysts or Agencies. Visalyze provides intuitive Big Data visualizations for everyone to understand and manage their own Big Data Environment. Easy Access is achieved... Read more

Opentopic makes it surprisingly simple for marketers to engage and acquire customers with a steady stream of meaningful content. Opentopic's easy-to-use content marketing platform reduces the time it takes to discover and distribute meaningful... Read more

Nedelma Inc. offers an intuitive business intelligence (BI) platform tailored for the asset management industry.As opposed to the general purpose BI, Nedelma's Portfolio Amalfi™ is designed to satisfy unique needs of the financial industry. It... Read more

Syzl.com/TranscribeMe has created the next generation human crowd labor platform. It quickly and efficiently processes complex professional work by splitting it into small, manageable micro tasks,... Read more

Minutta is a web and mobile app to help young parents with growing families send digital and printed photo greetings to relatives and friends, keeping everyone informed of the family activities without requiring tedious e-mail or telephone... Read more