June 10-11, 2015

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Silicon Valley Open Doors


Silicon Valley Open Doors

Silicon Valley Open Doors

Eduson.tv is a new online business learning service. It is offering three types of courses: 1. by professors from top rated business schools (e.g. Strategy in Stormy Times by London Business School Adjunct Professor Dominic Houlder), 2. by guest speakers, who are leading experts in their given business field (e.g. Roadmap to IPO by Merrill Lynch director Arie Kravchin), 3. and, free courses, featuring existing content by globally-recognized experts (e.g. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Ballmer, Tony Hsieh, Tim Draper, Steve Blank). Each course consists of videos, slides, reading materials for every lecture, and tests.  

Eduson’s mission is to make high-quality business learning accessible to students worldwide. Currently, most popular option – a full-time MBA – requires leaving one’s job for 2 years, paying around $150K, and relocating, often with family. Distance learning with Eduson is an alternative.

Demand for business knowledge is huge. Eduson CEO and co-founder Daria Zimina notes: ‘As an ex-investment banker I’m all about looking at numbers and drawing conclusions. Let’s look at three facts: Only 30% of Harvard MBA students are from outside the US; the Stanford MBA program accepts less than 400 students a year; and, there are 60 million managers in BRIC countries who need business knowledge to advance their careers. My conclusion is pretty straightforward – several million people will be learning online soon. And, Eduson is here to disrupt this market’.

Eduson is generating revenue since day one. One third of courses are free, and enrollment fees are charged for others, with first lectures always offered as a free trial. Eduson then pays royalties to its lecturers. 

The team behind Eduson has experience in launching successful Internet businesses. Previously as top-managers they attracted 48+ million users (mostly from the US, Brazil and Russia) and earned $130+ million for their companies.