June 10-11, 2015

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Silicon Valley Open Doors


Silicon Valley Open Doors

Silicon Valley Open Doors

eTaxiMo is a marketplace with enterprise software backend for taxi businesses and open mobile, web and API frontends for consumers. Our mission is to provide local taxi businesses and their customers with cutting-edge technology solutions at the global scale, optimizing cost of ownership, reducing fuel consumption and improving city traffic.

The taxi industry is seeking a complete modern automation system, but with a reasonable price tag. Also this industry needs an access to the new and growing marketing channels such as mobile apps and travel services. And consumers need a convenient way to choose a taxi service with the best price and references in any city, instantly call a cab with “1-click” and get a hassle-free ride.

eTaxiMo makes it all possible for both sides. As a platform we provide the taxi companies with all-in-one integrated solution - dispatching, CRM, billing, payments and many more. All of that in a form of affordable SaaS with close to zero upfront costs. And we aggregate the highly fragmented market offering, connecting consumers to local taxis with our marketplace and APIs.

We are already serving more than 100 taxi companies with over 4,000 drivers active and over 15,000 taxi trips daily. Our company is bootstrapped and is profitable for the last 14 months.