June 10-11, 2015

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Silicon Valley Open Doors


Silicon Valley Open Doors

Silicon Valley Open Doors

Excursiopedia - innovative social marketplace for tours and activities, there travellers and locals alike can connect with private guides and tour companies all over the world to find, personalize, book and pay for their own inpidual experiences and activities.


Launched January 2011 we have over 16.000 tours & activities, covering over 1300 cities and 130 countries and our monthly organic grow in bookings and traffic is more than 25%. Excursiopedia is the global market leader for social markeplaces for Tours&Activities market and we have 2nd biggest database on the entire market of any kind of tours and activities.


Multiple language interface: English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and French, tours provided on more than 25 languages


16 employees, multinational team including serial entrepreneurs, travel industry experts and a renown technical team


HQ in Munich, Germany, international offices in Moscow, Russia – Bari, Italy and a US office is planned for this year, Chinese & Brazil Q1 2014


We want to allow millions of travelers find, personalize and book their own inpidual experiences and activities, connecting to local travel and experience experts in safe and easy way.


One stop shop to the universe of activities via social marketplace

Business Model
15% + commission on any booking

$90bn+ worldwide, very fragmented, the last large online unconquered travel market and the 3rd largest after Hotels and Flights