June 10-11, 2015

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Silicon Valley Open Doors


Silicon Valley Open Doors

Silicon Valley Open Doors

OwnerListens is on a mission to help business owners and consumers communicate more effectively. At its core, OwnerListens provides a digital suggestion box for all local businesses that enables direct, private, and anonymous communication between business owners/management and their customers.

Consumers use the OwnerListens mobile app to send private and anonymous feedback directly to the owner/manager of local businesses instead of posting public reviews online. Business owners/managers receive the feedback via email/sms and can respond in real-time and immediately address any issues.

For Consumers, there are many benefits to using OwnerListens including:

  • Conveniently send text or photo based feedback to local businesses anytime or anywhere via a mobile app
  • Provide meaningful feedback without damaging a businesses reputation online
  • Feel comfortable speaking up without having to divulge any personal information
  • Have any problems addressed by someone with authority
  • Help local businesses improve

 Similarly, businesses owners/managers experience many benefits by using OwnerListens:

  • Easily collect and organize customer feedback through an intuitive online dashboard accessible by any browser or device (single or multi-location businesses)
  • Intercept negative reviews before they hit online channels
  • Address customer issues in real-time
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Dig deeper into feedback and learn how to really improve via anonymous 2-way communication with customers
  • Portray business as one that truly cares what customers think

Business owners - register for OwnerListens at http://ownerlistens.com

Consumers - download the app at http://ownerlistens.com/download