Paul Campbell

A serial intrapreneur, Paul Campbell is currently VP of Innovation and Head of Silicon Valley Research & Innovation Center at Schneider Electric, where he is responsible for creating new products, services and businesses for this $30B Paris-based energy tech company. In addition, Paul heads Schneider Electric’s Global Open Innovation Program, which partners with startups, universities, technology leaders and research centers in areas such as Industrial IoT, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Smart Building/Home, and many more.

Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Paul successfully built new businesses that generated billions in revenue for companies like Hewlett-Packard, Philips Electronics, and technology startups in Silicon Valley. These businesses created a stunning portfolio of award-winning products that enabled corporations to enter new markets, generate large new revenue streams and strengthen their images as innovation and design leaders.

Altogether, Paul has invested in over 50 projects/startups with more than 30 successful exits. Primary investment theses are: Consumer technology, Smart Home, Industrial IoT and AI. Notable investments/partnerships have been: Voodoo PC, Ohmconnect, Planet Ecosystems, and Digital Lumens

Paul is an advisor to the World Economic Forum, the European Commission and numerous accelerators/incubators around the globe. He lectures at bay area universities on the unique leadership and organizational approaches necessary for large companies to inject disruptive innovations into their portfolio.