SVOD2017 announces finalists for pitch competition!

The evaluation committee made of top VC’s, angel investors and partners of accelerators have chosen the 37 startups to compete on stage at SVOD2017. The finalists were selected out of more than 1,000 founders who applied to the investor pitch competition.

These ambitious entrepreneurs will compete in front of a judging committee, comprised of top investors and serial entrepreneurs, as they showcase their businesses on stage of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. The finalists will have a chance to step up their showcases when they present in front a large, exhilarated audience.

Check SVOD2017 37 startups that will participate in competition on May 24-25:

360MusicS – intends to sell most music again as an interactive application.

Benebay – Self-funded health care on a self-service platform.

BLINCAM – full hands-free wearable camera that collects authentic moments in life with unique sensing technology which detects hard blinks.

CaptiVoice – a universally accessible personalized literacy support platform that removes barriers between people and information.

Combyne – Clothing goes mobile.

COMIVO – Intelligent Marketplace is changing the way SME/SMBs buy and sell chemicals in the $5.2 trillion global chemical space. 

Conversation.One – enables businesses to act proactively and re-connect with their customers by providing data, insights, and transactional actions on all conversational services.  – Takes AI from Labs to the Real World. offers Deep Learning Studio platform that makes it easy for enterprises to use AI to optimize their business operations.

Feelter – combats the 98% churn rate of eCommerce websites by automatically curating the most valuable and authentic social mentions that usually get lost in the noise (facebook statuses, Instagram, tweets, and over 150 other sources) and unlocks the wisdom of the crowd on the site – increasing conversion by ~40%.

FindSolutionAi – Emotion-sensitive intelligent learning system which modifies the presentation of material in response to the performance of students.

Game of Whales – Game of Whales is a revolutionary monetization optimization platform and market place.

GeoZilla connects family and their IoT to a single app to ensure safety: location, health, pet trackers, smart cars, home security and more.

GradTrain – AI-driven guidance platform for international students. Currently used by prospective students from over 150 countries.

Hyperkey – building the world’s first proprietary library of collections based on human visual expressions. The company gives users, and branded content creators, the ability to make personal expressions discoverable to the whole world.

IMNA Solutions – is redefining phone communication security. We provide solutions to secure phone and voice interaction while maintaining the highest level of privacy.

Julbox – redefines the fashion jewelry industry by empowering everyone to design, sell and shop for affordable, one of a kind pieces.

Knoema is a search engine for data making it discoverable and accessible to executives and information workers.

LiveMon – is an all-in- one, AI- Powered monitoring tool that allows IT ops to prevent issues before they ever occur

LiveRaise a social live entertainment platform connecting users through real-time video, audio and messaging.

MyMilk – personal diagnostic platform and information system for optimizing breastfeeding, based on unique direct-to-customer human milk tests.

MyShake – MyShake’s global seismic network puts earthquake early warning in the palm of your hand.

NGCodec – Delivering the future of video

NIMB – builds safer communities by providing hardware and software that enables people to send an emergency alert to closest responders

nView medical – a real-time 4D scanner to make surgeries safer, faster and consistently accurate

Ovitz – Mobile diagnostic solutions for affordable and accessible primary vision care to anyone, anywhere

PRSONAS – holograms project a brand’s personality in the physical world to help attract, automate and analyze customer engagements.

QuasarDB – enables companies to analyze an infinite amount of data in real time

R-Brain – provides a powerful integrated data science platform with an end to end solutions for data scientists, business users, and enterprises.

RegenVillages the ‘Tesla of ecovillages’ redefining tech-integrated real estate development at the nexus of food, water, energy and waste at the neighborhood scale.

Saagie – a smart Data platform that seamlessly leverages heterogeneous data from disparate sources through a technology-agnostic data fabric.

ScribeSense – auto-grades handwritten tests and saves teachers time. Our patented AI platform provides better data for education

Send Me A Trainer – Making it easy and affordable to stay fit by having access to local fitness professionals that come to you

Splacer – Splacer helps space owners monetize their space. The centralized platform allows space owners to manage their short term rental businesses and access a robust marketplace of booking opportunities for events.

SprayPrinter – an innovative handheld wireless printer that has declared war on boring blank walls

Starcity – Making cities more accessible to everyone by creating comfortable, community homes that inspire people to live a more intentional life.

TRYFIT –  – transformative innovation enables the global proliferation of anytime, anywhere, high Conversion Rate and Use Satisfaction footwear retail.

ZeroKey – Next generation human-machine interface for AR/VR. Turnkey room scale solution for any VR platform. Ultra-high fidelity hand presence.


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