Terri Mead

Terri Mead is an active angel investor and Vice President of Sand Hill Angels in the Silicon Valley. Terri regularly advises startups on their pitches, business strategy and connecting with the right people. Terri focuses on investing in companies that have products or services that improve peoples’ lives including MyHealthTeams, Sandstone Diagnostics, TomboyX, Zum, Tactical Haptics, and most recently Tueo Health.
Terri is president of Solutions2Projects, LLC and has spent the last 18 years working with, and advising, emerging life sciences companies on IT strategy and IT compliance. She is passionate about leveraging technology to improve business processes to move towards commercialization and increase overall profitability.

Terri is an advocate for women and girls and is exploring ways to increase the level of VC funding for female led startups, specifically in digital health. She is a commercially rated helicopter pilot, and when time permits, loves to share her love of flight with girls so that they, too, know that they can be pilots.