Altinity — Extracting Insight from the New Shape of Data

Do you have a trillion rows of data and need quick answers to run your
business? We have the solution. Altinity is the leading service and
software provider for ClickHouse, an open source SQL data warehouse
offering industry-leading query speeds on petabyte-scale data.

Our operating model follows companies like NGINX, Cloudera, and Anaconda
that have built successful businesses from ground-breaking open source
projects. Our services help early adopters in the IT industry to build
systems to derive real-time insight on datasets running into trillions
of rows. Our software enables users to run ClickHouse in Kubernetes,
cloud, and bare metal environments.

We are now building an innovative platform to introduce ClickHouse
into the $23B market for enterprise analytics. We seek seed funding
to bring our platform to market and become the next success story in
database technology.