Aquila Space Inc.

We are innovators, producers, and value adders. Our key objective is providing frequent high quality multi-spectral imagery data of the earth. To achieve this, Aquila Space is developing innovative low cost small satellites to form remote sensing constellations in low earth orbit, and working with our partners on novel post processing techniques and up to date API’s for efficient customer data acquisition. The team at Aquila Space has identified emerging remote sensing markets that cannot be satisfied with traditional remote sensing satellite deigns and costs. An example of this is the agricultural monitoring market which will benefit from low cost high spatial and temporal resolution imagery. The precision agriculture market for example is a $2B market with remote sensing imagery as a key component to the overall industry. By creating a constellation of satellites, a particular area on the ground can be imaged much more frequently than with a single large satellite creating more frequent feedback to the end user.

Aquila Space is developing satellite platforms specifically for this purpose while also investing in the image processing and data distribution chains with our distribution and API partner Astro Digital to achieve a clean seamless flow of data from sensor to customer. Our experienced team has backgrounds in the aerospace and consumer electronics industries and bring a broad spectrum of skills and experience together. Many team members have worked together for years at other companies such as Stellar Exploration and Canopus Systems. The team has worked on many CubeSat missions including RAX, LightSail-1, and Perseus-M the first 6U CubeSats to be launched. We are currently operating two Perseus-M satellites and finishing up integration of 2 x Corvus-BC satellites which will debut our 22 m GSD imaging payload. We are a versatile team with strong technical backgrounds and also recognize that commercial needs are the drivers for our decisions. Our engineers have depth over a wide array of disciplines in addition to their core expertise which promotes effective cross discipline collaboration.