Beaconix developed a unique cloud-connected solution which solves major pain points for customers in the rapidly growing BLE Beacon market (forecast to soon exceed a billion dollars). Beaconix’s model combines recurring SaaS subscription revenues with sales of small hardware devices. The product was launched at CES 2016 and has immediately generated interest from large retailers, CPG companies, airlines, Quick Service Restaurants, and more.

Patent-pending technology, and network effects associated with the control of large beacon fleets, provide Beaconix an unfair advantage.

Poised to leverage its technological breakthroughs to conquer additional IoT markets, Beaconix’s innovative and defensible Bluetooth Smart Mesh technology is first being applied to BLE beacons.

Unlike the current generation of stand-alone BLE beacons which merely broadcast location information, Beaconix Smart Beacons are cloud-connected, enabling:
• Bidirectional communications
• RTLS – asset tracking
• Remote firmware upgrades
• Real time updates and programming
• Sophisticated security mechanisms

The team is experienced and outstanding.

Self-funded to date, the company is now raising its first institutional round.