Cardiolyse is an mHealth company providing preventive cardio analytics anytime, anybody and at very low cost.

Prevention instead of emergency.

Traditional approaches focus too much on health care and not enough on health—too much on information and not enough on inspiring action.

At Cardiolyse, we take a different approach for a cardiovascular system of healthy active ageing people: crossing emerging behavioural models with adaptive technologies to create compelling and effective consumer experiences.

At Cardiolyse, we are obsessed with finding new ways to truly engage consumers in the prevention of the cardiovascular diseases. While there’s no magic bullet, there is a winning formula. A strong, simple customer experience and great content combined with a compelling and targeted recommendation and data analytics. Fitness trackers and even personal ECG devices are trending.

Nowadays, even the most advanced and user-friendly ECG devices only transfer the data to the doctor or give you the warning that you need to call an emergency because of the heart attack. And the doctor receiving the ECG is usually looking for the signs of the

What if there is a way to turn any ECG device into a tool for prevention of cardiovascular diseases with personalized recommendations? To help any healthy active aging person to make everyday decisions and avoid the emergency situations at all? To show the interconnection between a lifestyle, heart health and forecast about dangerous cardiovascular diseases?