Cher is the first real estate SaaS platform helping people more universally co-own residential real estate. Our software connects different home buyers together, build their network, access quality real estate professionals, and streamlining the entire co-owning process for their primary residences or investment properties.

Cher is not just a software service, but a new way of life. We allow for homeownership to be made possible for millions of qualified people living in unaffordable metropolitan areas.

Our Product:

  • Available on Android, IOS, and Desktop Browser.
  • Integrated Map provides Hot Spots, Areas of Interest, MLS Property Info, and Socially Favorited Listings
  • All in one platform for escrow transaction to close on.
  • Customizable personal profile, news feed, co-borrower locations, suggested loans and homes.
  • Cher Scale allowing users to select their matches to be more financially alike or showing similar personalities.
  • Soft credit pulls for loan pre-qualification versus hard credit inquiries.
  • Social Chat Functions including approximate location of matches
  • Team Hub hosts co-borrowers and all professionals involved in escrow on one single platform.
  • Education Hub for users and real estate professionals.
  • Cher Security home mortgage default protection program.
  • Personal news feed allows users to post current information to their feed and share it with their friends and matches.

Consumer Benefits:

  • Reduces loan origination costs and escrow closing costs up to 3% of the principal at sale or exit.
  • Co-own homes with up to five (5) non-relatives.
  • Provides five (5) flexible co-owning exit solutions to allow for more liquid investments in real estate.
  • Easier access into homeownership by sharing financial burden and risks associated.
  • Centralized resources, tools, and vetted professionals for escrow to close with Cher.
  • All legal contracts in place to co-own successfully.
  • Network of financially pre-qualified matches to meet and co-own properties including primary residence and investment properties.
  • Agents and lenders receive a consistent pipeline of pre-qualified borrowers.
  • Existing relationships built outside of Cher can still co-own homes through our platform by searching for friends.
  • Integrates with social media platforms including Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Access home warranty programs, management companies, and real estate related vendors featured on Cher.

Cher is a Delaware C -Corp founded in August 2018 by Eric Chebil leading a team of eight other key members in developing software from scratch. GDPR, PCI, and CCPA compliant, Eric has partnered up with several key professionals in software, legal, marketing and real estate to assist him in his efforts in developing Cher. Previously closing several non-relative co-owning transactions acting as both a real estate broker and mortgage loan originator in such transactions, Eric has founded the tools necessary to face the inefficiencies and challenges involved in co-owning homes. Incorporating Cher in California has allowed Cher to already launch in Los Angeles and now continues to grow in other metropolitan areas including SF, SD, and NYC by year end.