Software as a service that hosts all tools and resources needed to co-own real estate in one platform while providing users a network of qualified co-borrowers to co-own homes with. We do this through our online platform, which serves as a resource for prospective homeowners and as a network for those who seek to find a co-owner. Our platform makes it possible for those who already have a co-owner in mind to proceed with the home buying process online and risk-free. For those who are interested in co-ownership, but do not already have other people in mind, we provide a qualified network of other prospective home buyers that they may match with. Our algorithm allows users to find a co- borrower based on a mutual financial and like-minded understanding. The best part is, when users want to opt out of co-owning, we provide them with a range of opt out solutions to cash out on their equity – making co-owning the financially intelligent and better solution to renting. Available on Android and IOS, Cher utilizes ACS Company to pull credit and financially pre-qualify homebuyers while requesting personality test be completed through Cher to better allow users to find compatible people in different locations to co-own their primary residence or investment property. The company’s application is being built with react native, nodeJS, IOS, Android, and AWS services. The tech stack in use is supported by Facebook, NodeJS, Apple, Google, Amazon. Cher’s legal contracts have been crafted with our legal partners and with the Bureau of Real Estate specifying equal ownership rights of the home. Our standardized contracts allow co-owners to bring up any questions or concerns prior to entering into co-ownership without having the need to seek outside legal counsel to form these contracts or the need to be forming additional LLC’s. We provide opt out solutions for our co-owners to allow them to unilaterally take their equity from their co-owned home and switch with a different interested co-owner without paying the heavy added closing costs which can range in the amount of 3% of the principal. The number of buyers looking to co-own any property is limited to 5 at this time due to banking restrictions. With Cher, we save our users around $22,000 USD. Our full opt out policies are allowing users to log onto Cher and select either switch co-owners, mutually sell property, rent their space, buy co-owner out. This information is sent directly to our independent mortgage brokers and financial institutions which step in and assist in facilitating this through Cher’s platform. If a co-owner wants to sell and can’t find a replacement, we will be able to buy their portion of home ownership from them. If any co-owner defaults during the time of co-ownership, Mutual of Omaha provides specific home mortgage insurance for non-related co-owners in the case of disability or unemployment. Co-borrowers looking to co-own are able to access our integrated maps which has features that facilitates easy communication between co-borrowers. Users can socially like specific properties which is then shared publicly amount this user’s matches. Included in this map is user’s personal hotspots which indicate what specific areas you would be interested in based from your personal profile answers. Cher’s map includes approximate physical locations of co-borrowers to allow for matches to more easily discuss talking points along with our news feed, social chat functions, and integration with Facebook reflecting mutual connections. Users can find independent real estate agents to represent them in their home purchase. All real estate agents have been individually vetted through Cher’s system to ensure the best quality of service is provided to all co-borrowers using our platform.