At Claim Genius, our goal is to revolutionize the speed and efficiency of the automobile claims and salvage industries by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence & computer vision technology. Our patent pending GENIUS suite provides insurance carriers, salvage firms, and car leasing companies with the world’s first integrated AI damage estimation platform. Using our advanced image analysis and predictive analytics tools:

• Carriers can provide instant damage estimates and processing of claims based on uploaded accident photos from our easy to use Genius APP, reducing cycle time and expenses by over 50%
• Salvage firms can quickly assess incoming total loss vehicles and provide instant guaranteed salvage bids to carriers, greatly increasing throughput and profitability
• Recyclers have access to powerful tools that instantly appraise vehicles for bid with integrated parts analysis and grading
• Leasing firms can obtain instant end-of-lease inspection of vehicles, eliminating up to 75% of existing costs

Claim Genius’s global team of technology and business experts are committed to building flexible and reliable solutions that exceed customer expectations, deliver outstanding ROI, and continuously push the envelope of what is possible. At Claim Genius, our mission is to make “Touchless Claims a Reality”.