CloudKeyz is pioneering a new untapped SaaS market vertical known as: SaaS Access Management for Multi-Family commercial property. The problem they’ve solved is the “old call box intercom” system for apartments, gated communities and colleges dorms. This 50 year-old technology is RIPE for disruption because its been a constant pain point for so many different user groups: Property Management, Tenants, Guest, Delivery Services and first responders.

CloudKeyz took the old call box intercom functionality and moved everything into the cloud. This makes is more cost effective, safer, faster, smarter and simpler for everyone to use. The CloudKeyz system was designed to elevate numerous security issues, communication limitations and user experience frustrations. It dramatically enhances access management, with real-time capabilities to include: 24-hour access logs, mobile key management and host mobile keyless connivance options for tenants. Don’t miss seeing this team!