Community Pilot is the privacy-focused tools that help community managers organize data about community members in one place and use it to build stronger and more engaging community. In the US only 3M+ community marketing managers have an influence on over 300M people. However, the majority of these managers are still struggling with usual spreadsheets to track and compose targeting groups of members loosing the potential to develop their communities more efficiently.

We provide a CRM that makes managing list of community members easier, by collecting data from both offline and online communication channels that community members might use, like Eventbrite, MailChimp, Facebook, Youtube, Slack, Telegram and more. CRM provides managers with analytical and filtering functionality, that allows them to create better target groups and engage with their members on a more personal level.

With email marketing declining in efficiency, thanks to Google, and social media platforms distracting the attention of members with ads and clickbait content, community managers face another problem — how to broadcast to community members and get feedback? Community Pilot solves this problem, by giving away free members app, that community managers can influence their members to install and use. The app allows members to see the latest content, events scheduling and use services of a community like mentoring and more.