CONVERSATION.ONE is an omni-channel platform to the entire world of conversational UI, that helps organizations reignite their communication with their clients by leveraging the conversational devices and services quickly and effectively.

The problem

Customers are abandoning traditional, enterprise methods of communication for new, more interactive and personalized channels, illustrating diminished client satisfaction, loyalty, and assets. The lack of knowledge, skills and resources on the one hand, and the vast number of devices, as well as the variety of vendors on the other, have positioned enterprises in unfamiliar territory with very little idea how to react to the increasing need for conversational solutions.

The Solution enables businesses to act proactively and re-connect with their customers by providing data and insights, as well as facilitate transactional actions on all conversational services, from chatbots and intelligent assistants, to Alexa and Google Home. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, and requires no coding, programming or complex integration. The platform is pre-integrated within existing enterprise systems and provides full flexibility for customized actions and unique use-cases.

Our customers are financial institutions, retail and media companies.