We started DigiFabster a year ago, and at the end of 2015 moved out of beta. We have a multinational team of experts, and are currently moving our HQ to NYC. Our cloud-based CRM solution empowers 3D printing firms to easily manage their order flow and convert leads into buying customers, and we become a key part of their back office processes, as well as provide convenient interface for their end-users at their websites. Our revenues currently come from monthly subscription fees, plus variable charges based on the intensity of usage.

We tap into the rapidly growing 3D printing market by providing an effective solution to attract and retain customers, as well as efficiently run order/customer management and production schedule on the back end.

Our customer installs our widget on his website, and his end users are then able to get instant quotation and place order without human involvement.

Our customer also has full access to information and tools that are needed to manage such quotations and orders, while communication with his end-user is automated by us and he can solely focus on his core competence of completing and shipping the printing job.

Our product is not limited to the 3D printing market (expected to grow ‘from $1.6B in 2015 to $13.4B in 2018,’ according to Gartner). We are able, and are planning, also to adapt it for the more established ‘traditional’ manufacturing market, while allowing businesses employing various production methods to work more effectively with their end users and offering them the full range of services from prototype to batch production with the least possible cost implications to themselves.