We are building a web toolkit to help schools continuously work on quality improvement through carrying out self-assessments, collecting feedback from students, teachers and parents and taking actions like milestone setting and best practice sharing.

Edurio aims to fundamentally change how schools think about quality improvement from a set of major leaps every once in a while to a continual quality improvement process with constant self-assessment, feedback and action cycles. This has been prevented by how cumbersome and expensive it is to collect the needed data on a regular basis and the lack of guidance on a school level. Currently schools primarily collect feedback via paper-based surveys and write long evaluation reports, wasting a lot of time and effort on a process that generates limited insights.

We’re providing the schools a starting point by giving a menu of modules they can measure, covering learning outcomes, learning process and learning environment. We are currently in our second pilot phase with over 10’000 students and 1000 teachers from over 60 schools taking part and will be ready to launch commercially in September.