FAMOCO offers a powerful Android transactional device, integrating a remote device management system.
We provide a flexible and secure way to manage high volumes of transactions and devices at an affordable price.
Our product, the FX100+, combines bank grade security and an Android OS, with the ability to run apps in kiosk mode and has no street value. It is a turnkey solution for large scale deployments: devices are delivered ready-to-go and require no further configuration.
The device targets the transportation, cashless payment, loyalty, workforce management and access control markets.
Today FAMOCO is expanding worldwide and has deployed more than 40,000 devices in over 25 countries. We have offices in Paris, Brussels, Delhi and Hong Kong and our clients include Google, Orange, Gemalto, Dialog, NXP, Paypal etc.
Find out more at www.famoco.com and follow us @famoco_sas