Imantics is in the forefront of the next technology revolution. The availability of new structured and unstructured data generated by the explosive growth in network-connected things, is fueling this revolution. The manufacturing industry is forecasted to spend trillions of dollars on IoT technology deployments. Imantics envisions a major inflection point in this market that will happen with the emergence of cognitive applications. Imantics is leading this industrial transformation by building a strategic environment to derive valuable and actionable knowledge from machine data.

In a typical manufacturing environment, equipment produces a lot of data that is currently underutilized. There is a significant value in this “dark data”, however lack of core ability to capture, analyze and convert this data into actionable insight prevents the manufacturer from realizing its true potential. They view IoT technologies as an enabler but lack of internal expertise is a hurdle to quick success. Imantics provides a platform that can be deployed quickly and help the manufacturer accelerate time to value.