IMNA Solutions

IMNA Solutions is redefining phone communication security. We provide solutions to secure phone and voice communications while maintaining the highest level of privacy. IMNA Solutions patented and proprietary audio analysis technology real-time one sided notifications and data sharing on phone based calls
Mobile has become a cornerstone of the global economy; Smartphone, once a device relegated to corporate executives, is experiencing rapid growth in the consumer market and is changing the landscape of information, communication and media consumption and transferability. Smartphone made information delivery anywhere, anytime become a reality. IMNA developed ListenApp mobile applications with two vectors in mind. The first was to help companies strategically evolve their business into a collaborative, productive, secured, safe, and transparent communication mobile channel. IMNA is a company whose strategy is based on innovations in the areas of security, communication, and connections. We wanted to create a mobile application, which provided an opportunity for anybody to generate secure and efficient conversational abilities at low cost and easy to implement. There are many recording apps, Smartphone built-in communication features, and individual data distribution apps but no real interface than can secure, protect, analyze and utilize in real time all the possibilities that really matter for efficient Smartphone’s communication. We give organizations the possibility to monitor and control secure and efficient communication channels and eliminate data leakage while on the mobile interface. ListenApp is all about communication interface awareness and securing intellectual data leakage by enquiring and alerting in real-time conversational situations. The App is highly customizable and gives companies the full freedom to create their own data supervision. We work hand in hand with the risk management department and customize our system to the organization’s needs including analyzing the data and implementing fundamental changes to the awareness and the behavior of the organizations’ personnel across the board. Our mission is to create a transparent communication mobile channel within the organization and its employees. We endeavor to provide a holistic suite where companies can strategically evolve their business into a secure, collaborative, productive organizational environment.