Instreamatic is a new generation audio advertising platform that maximizes the full potential of digital audio ad format for a wide range of publishers, including VR, AI voice assistants, connected cars, gaming, navigation, fitness, etc.

Instreamatic technology delivers highly targeted audio ads via an easy-to-use self-service dashboard allowing advertisers to reach millions of users on different types of platforms via single access point.

We started over a year ago. We are about 12 people right now. To date, the core technology components of our ad platform are live and running.

In 2015 Instreamatic already ran 117 ad campaigns. We mostly focus on top tier brands, including the likes of BMW, Unilever, KFC, other global brands as well as local.

In previous 6 months we increased unique reach 4х and total ad inventory 3.5x.

There’s a clear window of opportunity at the moment to build this out with limited global competition and strong signs of where the digital audio ad market can be in 4-5 years: US and Western Europe have just lifted off with audio ads in digital radio and on-demand music streaming reaching $1.3 Bn, but with new publisher categories taking up the ad format, this level will grow several orders of magnitude. And the rest of the world is just getting started including India and China.