InTouchio is a curated conversational platform that connects people with businesses that matter to them.
InTouchio technology allows companies to enter the conversational commerce era. Conversations are assisted by decision trees that will result in specific outcomes to achieve the customer-company connection final objectives – engagement, sales and customer service. The technology integrates with systems like e-commerce platforms, marketing automation platforms, CRM platforms and other proprietary systems, allowing a bi-directional data flow in a mobile native environment, the chat environment.
All bot conversations running through messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Kik, WeChat and brand’s own Apps can be aggregated by InTouchio as a single thread.
• Decision tree based bots, instead of fancy AI
• Apple Wallet (Passbook) alike wallet for storing passes, coupons and other documents.
• A Vault containing personal data (Name, Address, Phone Number, Zip Code, SSN, CC Info, etc)
• Ability to use personal information in the conversational context
• Companies can develop one bot with InTouchio and deploy it to other platforms (Facebook, KIK, company Apps, Web)
• Marketing and sales automation platform that enables companies to create workflows based on the conversation (suggest products, execute payments, send notifications, emails, initiate call center contact, initiate chat with a live operator)
InTouchio is built on top of a Marketing Automation platform, .The company had 2M Eur funding and was funded by 4 experienced executives in 2015. It is based in São Paulo, Brazil and has already customers like Itau Bank (largest Brazilian bank and 13th in the World), Vivo (largest Brazilian mobile operator), Citibank Brazil and EDP (largest Portuguese power distribution company). Revenue run rate is near 1M USD.