Despite major advances in display technology displays are still manufactured based on assumption that all viewers’ eyes are identical and that of a 25 year old male viewing the display in room ambient lighting.  This is of course not  the case as displays are viewed across wide range of ambient light conditions (bright sun to night) and everyone’s eyes render colour and contrast differently.  As a result displays run at higher than necessary brightness consuming more power than necessary while also causing eye strain.   Irystec perceptual display processing software delivers a natural viewing experience by accounting for the human visual system, ambient environment, content, hardware and context.  The patent pending software products PowerSave and DriveSafe are being licensed directly to display device OEMs (Samsung, Oppo, Bosch etc…) and are the only solutions to compensate for full range of ambient light viewing plus reflection reduction. Irystec MyVue,, will take display viewing to the next level and enable companies like Facebook, Google, Baidu, Twitter to personalize ads for age and gender delivering more effective on-line ads and  a 2nd revenue stream for Irystec.   Irystec Software based in Montreal, Canada was founded in 2015 by 3 passionate co-founders, Tara Akhavan and Afsoon Soudi both with their Phds in image processing and Simon Morris, a successful high tech executive and serial entrepreneur.