KIDOZ  is the world’s fastest-growing content discovery platform for kids,
reaching over 12 million kids worldwide, and adding millions each month.

We help kids find their next-favorite apps, games or videos and provide them with a better,
safer and richer online experience.

Our kid-safe KIDOZ Mode Solution is pre-installed by leading device manufacturers & mobile carriers
(Acer, T-Mobile, Hisense and many more) to better accommodate family needs and create a full entertainment OS for kids.

5 months after we soft-launched our  COPPA Compliant SDK for kids applications, our network grew to 12,000,000 kids,
and is becoming a key engagement & monetization tool for kids apps.

The company has raised 3.5 Million dollars to date from leading angel investors in Israel
(Dov Moran, Arieh Mergi) and Lool Ventures, CiG Capital and Millhouse Capital (Roman Abramovich).