Knoema does for data what Google did for websites and the Internet overall. It makes it trivial to find data when you need it and make a story out of it.

Imagine that you work for an agriculture-related business and are looking for data on wheat yield in Latin America countries. It wouldn’t be easy to find such data. And even once you find the data, it is not over. You may need to scrape or reformat it. You may need to consolidate it with data from other sources. Finally, you need to present it in a meaningful way. Knoema makes it a breeze.

We offer the best in class search for data from multiple sources with highly relevant results and tools ideal for further data consumption and usage.

We provide our services to dozens of enterprise customers and hundreds of paying subscribers.

Our Customers
– Individuals and analytics, research, and marketing teams
– Consulting and research companies
– Analytics departments of large- and mid-size businesses
– Universities and schools

7-digit revenue in last 3 years, 2x YoY growth
120K registered users
450K monthly unique visitors

We have a team of about 60 people with unique expertise in data, statistics, and related domains.

The core team consists of:
Vladimir Bugay – CEO
Vladimir Eskin – Executive Chairman