Life Recovery Solutions

Life Recovery Solutions was created to transform lives and families by supporting those who are suffering from life’s cause, effect, and consequences. We believe by utilizing the software tools provided by Life Recovery Solutions, individuals will find a voice and have a safe outlet for their struggles to aid in their recovery, disability or illness. Our tool provides individuals with a way to stay connected with those who support their recovery, disability or illness to keep them on a healthy path. We have a unique approach to reducing the recidivism rate and saving lives. Our application (Life Connect), keeps people connected with those who care about them the most and keeps them focused on the future. Life Connect is designed to interrupt the old triggers and cues and replace them with new positive habits. The Life Connect tools are integrated with Zoey our Virtual Health Assistant and she provides ongoing encouragement and feedback while assigning the client new specific tasks throughout the day. This disrupts the old thinking and creates new positive patterns. Family, friends and professionals can view the client’s moods, activities, and receive alerts from Zoey when old patterns emerge.