At Lifetape, we are building a disruptive cloud-based platform and mobile/web/smartTV product for consumers and businesses to create, collaborate, and maintain their history and museum. Lifetape enables users to centralize, organize, share, archive, collaborate, and showcase the significant aspects and vital information of an individual, an organization, a group, or a topic.

Consumers and businesses have many solutions to manage their storage, security, social media, accounting, CRM, HR, etc. However, what about an entity’s legacy? It’s history. It’s ideologies and values. It’s milestones. It’s significant relationships. The highs and the lows. The learning from significant events. How is this critical information captured and disseminated across family, friends, employees, shareholders, customers, vendors, & well-wishers? We call this History Management, and we are solving this by supporting the maintenance of continuous historic records and enabling collaborative digital curation and contextual showcasing of these records.