As today’s businesses need 24/7 uptime to maximize revenue while consumers and users’ attention span decreases, the availability and speed of applications is now more important than ever. Consumers expect instant and constant services, and as many companies make their revenues exclusively online they cannot afford any disruption of their critical infrastructure. For instance, Amazon has measured that a 1 second increase in a page’s loading time would cost them $1.6B in sales over a year. Meanwhile, performance monitoring has struggled to keep up when dealing with big data and very large infrastructures which has forced them to use, on average, 6 to 7 monitoring tools to fully monitor their IT stack.

Livemon is the AI-Powered, All-in-one monitoring solution that encompasses internal monitoring, external monitoring and log management to cover every data paths, from end-to-end. By using artificial intelligence, Livemon can predict and prevent incoming threats before they impact one’s infrastructure. Thanks to machine learning, Livemon’s AI will get better overtime to provide increasingly accurate insights and with our fully customizable dashboards and unparalleled resolution even micro-glitches won’t go undetected. Our monitoring solution is designed to give IT OPS the tools to take care of their infrastructure but more importantly to give them peace of mind.

We believe we can easily disrupt the IT monitoring landscape as there are no clear leaders but more importantly, we are the only one covering the whole IT stack with AI which allows us to better correlate events thus prevent threats and issues before they ever occur. The recent exits of Appdynamics and Wavefront shows how important demand is for such tools and we want to play our part in it.