LiveRaise is a social live entertainment platform connecting users through real-time video, audio and messaging. The LiveRaise streamers are part of an exclusive catalogue of influencers who have at least 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Our goal is to provide the premier live video platform for established and emerging creators to interact with their “superfans,” grow their audience and earn significant, reliable and recurring revenue.

Live video is the new frontier. But live streaming has been labeled boring and one-sided with friction between the broadcaster and viewers. LiveRaise is establishing the new status quo by empowering influencers to interact with their fans and source entertainment from the crowd. We live and breathe LIVE like Spotify does music.

Our growth strategy has propelled us to over 500,000 users coming from just 100 streamers in less than 9 months. We focus on YouTube channels with signs of exponential growth. These creators broadcast daily and promote to their fans on YouTube. Over 30 million minutes of video have been watched on the platform. LiveRaise is currently invitation-only but we plan to open up streaming capabilities to the next generation of content creators.

LiveRaise supports both mobile and desktop streaming and is available on iOS, Android and Web.