MyMilk Laboratories

Breastfeeding is the gold standard in infant nutrition.
81% of mothers initiate breastfeeding.
45% of babies in the US are nursing exclusively for the first 3 months of life.
25% breastfeed at 1Y.
Prenatal screening market is estimated at $7B yearly, touching every aspect of pregnancy and labor. However, there are no monitoring solutions for breastfeeding and human milk.

MyMilk is a digital-health diagnostic platform and information system for breastfeeding women, generating actionable personalized insights to empower mothers and promote successful breastfeeding.

MyMilk solution is based on a non-invasive human milk sample analyzed in MyMilk clinical laboratory, as a personalized reflector for each mother-infant dyad. MyMilk diagnostics target the main breastfeeding complications, namely insufficient milk production and breast pain, alongside human milk nutritional profiling, tracing potential breastmilk nutritional insufficiencies in breastfed infants. MyMilk algorithm generates unique actionable insights applying evidence-based generalized rules on personal mother-infant information including breastmilk analysis, medical records, breastfeeding logs, and habit info.

MyMilk product is built as a direct-to-consumer solution, meeting the steeply growing trends in healthcare consumerization and personalization, and backed by health authoritiesí global efforts and awareness for increasing breastfeeding success. MyMilk solution is based on Laboratory developed tests (LDT), an accelerating field in healthcare which is exempt of FDA regulation, and characterized by fast market penetration. In addition to the meaningful innovative diagnostics, by harboring a unique and increasing database, MyMilk is aimed at advancing human milk knowledge and revolutionizing infant care.
Ari Melamud, CEO, is an experienced executive with over 21 years in international business and marketing, including 10 years in top executive positions, 5 of which as the CEO of Kimberly Clark Israel. Dr. Ravid Shechter, PhD, and Dr. Sharon Haramati, PhD, Co-Founders and Co-CSO, Are esteemed life science professionals, educated at the Weizmann institute of Science and also the founders of an NFO for the establishment of the Israeli human milk bank. MyMilk partnered with AML, a certified clinical laboratory with global accreditation.