MyShake seeks to provide innovative IoT solutions to a global market with a specific interest in addressing earthquake hazard. Using patent pending technology, MyShake sensors can provide detailed shaking information in any populated region, which can be used both for risk modeling of critical infrastructure and facilities, as well as provide real-time earthquake early warning alerts.


The twelve-member MyShake team is based out of the Bay Area and is currently supported by the University of California, Berkeley, the Deutsche Telekom Silicon Valley Innovation Center, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. This group of business analysts, data scientist engineers, seismologists, and app developers is focused on data acquisition, the creation of Machine Learning models, build out of the data pipeline, ETL and persistent data, as well as offline and real-time analytics.

Since the February 2016 launch, MyShake has been downloaded by more than 250,000 users worldwide. We are looking to scale this crowdsourced network up in regions of high earthquake activity. This will enable MyShake to begin sending real-time alerts to users that an earthquake has happened near their location and that shaking is headed their way. We envision that MyShake will expand past private cell phones to include other IoT devices that will be useful for commercial enterprises and government groups.