Video consumption now makes up more than half of all Internet traffic, and its growth shows no signs of slowing. Those who deliver video to consumers face a need to process higher quantities of data than ever before while delivering unprecedented quality. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality faces a crucial time in their development toward widespread adoption but are currently limited in their ability to grow without effective cloud streaming. Data centers bear a heavy brunt of the demand for video processing power, typically requiring more CPUs with more resources needed to power, cool, and store them. Video service providers know what the future looks like, but need the means to reach it.

The future is glitch-free, user-generated live video of important events. It’s delivering the highest quality film or TV streaming experience to more people and devices than ever before. It’s an untethered VR experience equal to or better than one lashed to an expensive PC. The future is a surgeon in the operating room using MR to successfully complete a complex procedure.

This future for industries that rely on video rests on the turning point of now. In order to achieve their potential, they must achieve the processing power needed to meet the growing demand for quality and speed. That power is enabled only with the most effective and robust video encoding possible.

NGCodec has the talent, focus, and capability to deliver the next-generation capabilities these industries need.

The encoding process gives engineers a great deal of creative freedom, and this is where NGCodec shines. Its talented team has the expertise to create artful solutions to problems the video industry faces, from the most efficient encoding process to expanding capabilities with multiple video formats, to cloud rendering, and beyond. NGCodec is founded on envisioning the future and building the necessary tools to best reach it.

With NGCodec, providers can keep up with the demands of their audiences, not just now, but for the long haul. In partnership with Xilinx, NGCodec’s IP in FPGA chips will serve data centers’ processing, power, and space need more efficiently and cost-effectively over time than any other solutions. Providers utilizing NGCodec’s encoding and rendering in cloud video streaming can achieve the balance of quality and low latency needed for optimal user experience. This enables untethered streaming for VR, AR, and MR applications, removing the barriers to widespread use, making it more affordable and enjoyable for users.

As the demand grows, formats change, and further advances develop, NGCodec keeps up and delivers. NGCodec is the go-to, everyday presence that will seamlessly deliver the most engaging experiences possible to viewers, while satisfying providers with the most dynamic, cost-effective, and high-quality processing possible. In order to meet the future, video needs NGCodec.