Around the world, poor vision is affecting billions of people at alarming rates. 4.2 billion people in the world are affected by poor vision. Several studies indicate that there is a significant socio-economic impact in the world as the result of poor vision: the global economy loses $227 billion every year from lost productivity among adults. Approximately, 90% of the 2.5 billion people who are affected by poor vision live in regions that lack adequate infrastructure for primary vision care—both diagnostic and corrective. Lack of availability of licensed practitioners in these regions and lack of mobility of equipment as well as cost of care delivery are to be blamed for the lack of care in these regions.

The world needs a change in how primary vision care is delivered!

To solve this problem, Ovitz has developed a unique, portable, and cloud-connected vision diagnostic platform. Our innovation embodies an advanced application of “Wavefront Sensor” technology in a compact, portable and inexpensive vision diagnostic device.

Our solution introduces several key changes: (a) inexpensive, portable (battery operated), and accurate diagnostic device, (b) a hub and spoke service model that is designed to achieve two important ojectives: (i) low-cost access to large number of people even in remotest areas via technicians, and (ii) vision exams that are always under the supervision of experienced ophthalmologists for best results, and (c) ability to correct diagnosed refractive errors by dispensing proper eyeglasses. This solution combines low cost of equipment, low cost of technicians, accuracy of diagnostic device, professional supervision, and proper correction.