We develop smart imaging solutions to quantify, visualize, and monitor shape and reliability of materials in real-time and over time. Our patent-pending technology is comprised of proprietary image recognition and correlation software that detects subtle changes in digital images.

Our algorithm uses the natural pattern of materials and structures to calculate its deformation, providing information about displacements over time, strain distribution, cracks due to fatigue or excessive strains.

This is especially relevant in the engineering industry, where detection and inspection of mechanical reliability are critical in microelectronics, aviation, automotive, construction, civil engineering, nuclear & petrochemical industries. Currently, technologies that are being used, such as x-ray and ultrasound, are slow, costly, heavy/bulky, and require a very high skillset to operate.

We plan to disrupt the current non-destructive testing industry by offering ways to assess and monitor materials at a fraction of the cost, using mobile and wearable hardware. We developed our minimum viable product, having validated the need, use cases, and the technology.

Our product is not limited to the engineering field. We see a significant opportunity in monitoring biomaterials, and we have proven specific use cases in the cosmetics and skin care clinical trials industry. Specifically, we used our algorithm to detect subtle changes in skin after product application, helping companies to quantify product efficacy and support marketing claims.