Sevenhugs is reinventing the smart home to create a new experience of the home environment.
It all started with the night: hugOne is the first family sleep monitor, to improve sleep for the whole family. It tracks sleep cycles, temperature, humidity and air quality for up to 8 members. The App gives personalized advice to sleep better and gives track records of the sleep score to see its improvement night after night. hugOne connects to the smart home: it can control automatically smart thermostats to adjust temperature when everybody is asleep, and smart lights to fall asleep and wake up smoothly.

Today, Sevenhugs is developing a simplified and seamless smart home technology to create an improved user experience at home. The Smart Remote is the first contextual device for your connected home: it controls smart devices -smart thermostat, connected speakers, smart TV, smart lights…- and gives access to personal services -weather forecast… The technology behind is simple: point & control. Point the Smart Remote to the device you want to control, the screen automatically and intelligently adapts to the device to show only the relevant interface (music, TV, lights, thermostat…?), so that the user can control it in one click. With no menu, no button, the Smart Remote is a simple and intuitive solution to interact with the connected home.
Pre-orders for the Smart Remote will start in the next couple months. More info coming soon to you by requesting an invite on

Sevenhugs raised €1.5million euros to develop hugOne, in March 2015. hugOne is sold in Europe since November 2015. The 4 co-founders have a 20 years experience in the semi-conductor and telecommunications in industry worldwide. The Sevenhugs’ team is composed of 16 people, with a highly skilled team of engineers to work on the technology, and a marketing & sales team of 5 people.