At the beginning of 2015 TreeScale have been small project just for testing mathematical tree based algorithms for Cloud Microservices scalability system. And after getting incredible scalability results across all popular cloud providers TreeScale as a company started implementation of that unique technology for making next generation Cloud Microservice Tools.

TreeScale Private Registry is Cloud based Cloud Containers (Docker) Registry for storing, distributing, managing and adding more security to companies Cloud Microservice based architecture. Main usecase for this is having full secure cloud server environment storage, version control and integrated tools for Cloud Microservice distribution and automatization.

Our main customer segment is a Small and Medium Enterprises who are in SaaS business. That vertical segment is allowing us to more focus on product and solve very specific need to that kind of companies.

We are planning to make 4 more tools for Cloud Microservices based on our technology which will create software ecosystem around TreeScale services and will combine them into All in One solution for Enterprises who are using or planning to use Cloud Microservice architecture.

Using full power of Math Tree based structure and super trendy Cloud Computing movement we aimed to give efficient way of scalability and ease of use/development.