TruMe Inc. ( is a bio-analytics startup in Silicon Valley, co-founded by a senior research scientist at Stanford University with a PhD in Molecular Genetics. Our mission is to extend individual lifespan and fight aging.

TruMe has developed a new, simple, unique, epigenetic test -TruAge Index – to determine and monitor changes in biological age. Our test is based on a saliva sample, and blood draw is not required. In addition, TruMe holds several provisional patents on technologies that allow us to improve our test to provide more accurate and insightful information about changes in the vitality of any human being directly to consumers, clinicians, and/or supplement companies.

Due to the fact that aging has not been recognized as a disease, none of the known anti-aging wellness therapies have been extensively tested in clinical trials. Very little information is available about their efficacy. Clinical trials are expensive and time consuming, and, until recently, were impossible to conduct due to the lack of useful biomarkers of the aging process. TruMe’s TruAge test is a unique, noninvasive, scientifically proven platform for fast and accurate screening of the efficacy and safety of anti-aging and wellness therapies, vitamins, and supplements. TruMe is going to use the power of citizen science to systematically collect data (via TruMe App) on effects of different genetics, microbiome, diets, fitness regiments, and lifestyles on individuals health and the rate of aging through TruAge Index.  Once we collect enough data through citizen science and develop a machine learning predictive bio-analytics platform that would integrate data and help us to provide accurate recommendations on what changes one can make to increase their lifespan.