Our feet are highly individual. Traditional 2D shoe sizes cannot identify the best 3D fit without trying on.  No Trying On – No Fit Confidence – No Purchase. Therefore, the Conversion rate drops catastrophically from about 60% in-store to about 2% in online retail blocking global proliferation of online footwear retail.

Traditional in-store Fit Confidence identifies a fit for motionless standing trying on position, which could be sufficient for purchasing decisions and fashion and casual uses. However, when we put our bodies into athletic and fitness motions, the forces significantly change the 3D shape and dimensions of the foot creating an improper fit with the footwear previously identified in motionless standing try on posture. According to New Balance, about 60% of all people wear improperly fitting shoes, which causes discomfort, pain, and illnesses.

TRY.FIT patent-pending technology generates sufficient Fit Confidence for online purchasing decisions and Use Satisfaction by digital 3D simulation of the shopper’s feet changes in intended use activities and identification of the best fitting footwear for those activities.

TRY.FIT is currently piloting the technology at Adidas, New Balance and Ekonika and it is in an active business development with Nike, Puma, Under Armour, Clarks, and a few fashion brands.

About 80% of the major sportswear brand employees, who participated in our joint pilot project, stated that they would have Fit Confidence for online purchasing if TRY.FIT service was available.

As of today, availability of TRY.FIT service is based on stationary feet scanning and online footwear shopping.  TRY.FIT smartphone-based scanning solution is currently in an R&D stage.

To provide access to free stationary feet scanning for anytime, anywhere online shopping and indoors test-runs for purchased shoes, TRY.FIT develops a profit-sharing collaboration with commercial, university, military, corporate and other global sports and fitness clubs. TRY.FIT and a large fitness club agreed to run a pilot project and collaborate for the concept development. Also, the top management of a major fitness club chain currently analyses TRY.FIT’s proposal for collaboration in hybrid Point of Sales for the company’s more than 4 million members.

A boost of online Conversion Rate, footwear Use Satisfaction, the efficiency of in-store shopping and an influx of Fit Confident global mobile shoppers create multibillion strategic opportunities for potential TRY.FIT clients, which include brands-retailers, online marketplaces, and department stores.

TRY.FIT transformative innovation enables the global proliferation of anytime, anywhere, high Conversion Rate and Use Satisfaction footwear retail.