UmoyAir Communications is a South African tech startup founded in 2013.
The company’s mission is to develop mobile applications and technologies that help improve the community. We aim to develop applications that are cost effective and not highly dependent on airtime or data.

Our flagship product -Moyr is a mobile application that allows anyone to make a call from their mobile phone to any number without airtime or data sponsored by advertising.
What was initially envisioned as a mobile application, designed to allow subscribers to make emergency phone calls without the need of having any airtime, data or bandwidth availability, Moyr now offers a solution that facilitates free communication in respect of its user base, while allowing marketers to reach unique demographics in specific geographies, thereby solving a problem for users and marketers alike.

In terms of the current platform, Moyr facilitates consumer-focused cost-free communication through both GSM and bandwidth technologies, allowing users to make calls to contacts which may or may not be subscribers to the UmoyAir platform. This is done through the strategic placement of select, voice-based, marketing messages driven primarily from its wide base of marketing partners. Core value to marketers are driven off the back of the unique opportunity to place any such content with highly targeted, desired target demographics through the Moyr platform.