The 15th SVOD or Silicon Valley Open Doors is a leading technology investment conference that focuses on Impact Through High-Tech Entrepreneurship!

We believe that impact through high-tech innovation has moved way beyond pure business goals into the domain of long-term worldwide cross-industrial social and environmental solutions.

This year, SVOD is presenting to you a set of topics and innovative companies that allows us to move towards the sustainable future with a great purpose and focus on and around the Human. Impact starts with a Human and ends with a Human.

In 2019, SVOD Conference opens its doors to 2K+ attendees, including over 800 startup founders from all over the world, over 300+ top venture capitalists, angel investors and investor judges, and over 900 professionals working in the technology area. A major part of the conference is a startup PITCH for the pre-selected and coached 40 seed and early stage (up to Series B) companies. 

SVOD is a week-long Festival and a boutique technology investment Conference.

The Festival is a series of events organized with a purpose to establish meaningful partnerships and help governments, big international corporations, scientists, entrepreneurs and investors connect with the Silicon Valley ecosystem. It includes multiple public and private roundtables, workshops, trainings, mentorship sessions, and one-on-one meetings.

The Conference is a pinnacle two-day event of the Festival.

To magnify the impact of systems change initiatives, here are our topics of SVOD’19:

Human and Society:

  • Social network
  • Education
  • Social Impact
  • Fintech
  • Government

Human and Environment

  • Agtech
  • Cleantech
  • City Innovations
  • Smart Energy
  • Green Transportation

Human at Work and Leisure

  • HR
  • SAAS
  • Enterprise software
  • Health and sport

Human-centered AI

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Human-centered AI, humanities, and Arts

SVOD historically brings in an eclectic mix of most creative, forward-thinking, and insightful people in the entrepreneurial and investment world to the heart of it all – the Silicon Valley!

From founders to CEOs, from industry legends to brand young entrepreneurs, SVOD brings together as speakers and investor judges the people who are shaping our lives today and influencing our future.

Through STARTUP PITCH sessions, SVOD provides access to a variety of 40 pre-selected young entrepreneurs and startups (from Seed+ to Series B) that think outside of the box. SVOD is well-known as a conference with the highest ratio between founders and investors, which helps a lot of our companies find their first major investment.


– Mingle with 800+ successful start-up founders and 300+ top investors who share their experience on how to invest/raise funding, work with angels and VCs, & launch products. Learn about the latest developments in their industry and their needs, aspirations and future plans.

– Hear 35 carefully pre-selected startups (seed+ to Series B) presenting on stage in front of the audience of top Silicon Valley angels and venture capitalists.

– Meet with 800+ professionals working in the technology area as experts, mentors, service providers and so much more!


Historically, every 2nd company gets funding after SVOD Conference (Evernote is one of such success stories of the first SVOD Conference; the funds that invested in our pitching companies include: Founders Fund, Draper Associates, Salesforce, Aspect Ventures, Broadway angels, Yuri Milner, YCombinator, TechStars, 500Startups, Bain Capital Ventures and many more). Over the course of 13 years, our companies have raised $800M in funding.


As SVOD is a boutique conference, it offers unique networking opportunities that are not available at most other conferences.


SVOD speakers include: George Zachary, Charles River Ventures (Midas List, first investor in Twitter, Yammer, Shutterfly); Byron Deeter, Bessemer Venture Partners (Midas List, investor is Box, Twilio, DocuSign); Ed Kozel, CEO, Range Networks (formerly, CTO, Deutsche Telekom, CTO, Cisco, Board Member: Yahoo! Cisco, Reuters, Red Hat); Phil Libin (CEO, Evernote), Pitch Johnson, Steve Jurvetson (DFJ), Alfred Lin, Partner, Sequoia Capital (formerly, COO, CFO, Chairman, Zappos.com), Tim Draper, Esther Dyson, Matt Cohler, Max Levchin (PayPal, Yahoo!), Steve Blank, Guy Kawasaki, John Morgridge (Chairman, Cisco), Bill Tai, Ron Conway, Charles Giancarlo (SilverLake), Vinod Khosla, and many other amazing people.

Every year SVOD brings in reporters from top media editions, such as TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Forbes, The New York Times, San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Valley Business Journal, Bloomberg, Fortune Magazine.

Contact Information: info@svod.org. Please send all your registration questions to info@svod.org.