Become SVOD exhibitor!

Every year SVOD holds Expo that gives an opportunity to 100+ startups, service providers, accelerators, and large corporations form around the world to showcase their new technologies and services in front of a 2,000+ audience of technology gurus, investors, experts, fellow startups and service providers.


Exhibiting startups receive a lot of attention from investors, get better exposure and enhanced networking opportunities to find partners and clients.

This year we will have three tiers of Demo tables. The Tier is base on the location and the size of the table.

Tier 1 – Tall, Round (3ft diameter) tables located in our prime zone, next to the Hahn auditorium.

Tier 2 – 6ft long, rectangular tables located in Grand Hall.

Tier 3 – Tall, Round (3ft diameter) tables located in Grand Auditorium.

                                                                                                      Please see the floor map below

Tables inside each zone are first come first serve. You are welcome to come as early as 7am on the first morning to set up.

You will be provided with a table, based on your purchased tier,  linens, internet access and power, and the 2-3 ft space around that table. You’re welcome to build a stand in that area and encouraged to bring banners and other visual examples of your technology. You can leave all your stuff at your Expo Table for the second day, except valuables. Although security will be onsite, we do not recommend leaving valuables overnight anywhere in the building.

Please contact Seva Fridman with all your logistic questions or if you need to send a package with materials for SVOD:

Seva Fridman
SVOD Event Director