SVOD2019 Startup Competition Finalists

Mountain View, CA, May 4, 2019. Silicon Valley Open Doors Technology Investment Conference (SVOD) is excited to welcome 26 start-up finalists. Our shrewd panel of judges carefully reviewed more than 1000 applications in the areas of VR, Enterprise software, SaaS, Consumer Internet, EdTech, FinTech, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Social Impact only to pick a few most promising. Having sustained a rigorous selection process, the finalists spectacularly stood out demonstrating truly disruptive ideas, perfect product-market fit, passionate teams and utmost readiness to raise funds.

The 26 winning start-ups are coming from all over the World: USA,  Europe, South America, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Note down these names, any of them very well may be the next unicorn on the block.

May 15 (Wednesday) 10:40am-12:00pm

Human and Ecosystem: Shared Economy, Communications, Marketplaces, Transportation, City Innovations

  • Cher – Co-owning real estate SaaS platform
  • Kater – A Mobility as a Service company building an integrated inter-modal transportation platform.
  • Radio Gigabit – Supplier of advanced, innovative wireless communication technology
  • Yorso – a SaaS managed supply chain for fish and seafood
  • HoverSurf – the Urban Air Mobility technology company. We develop new technologies for future transportation

May 15 (Wednesday) 2:20pm-3:50pm

Human at Leisure: Entertainment, Travel, Health and Sport

  • AntiLand – Anonymous Chat Rooms, Talk Therapy.
  • Sportamix – global data-driven networking platform specifically designed for sports community
  • WeParent – conflict-reducing app for divorced co-parents
  • HD Medical – EKG-enabled Intelligent Stethoscope for Cardiac Care
  • Volta Medical – leverages AI for real time guidance of atrial fibrillation ablation procedures.
  • BeTrip – your personalized travel discovery guide

May 15 (Wednesday) 4:20pm-5:30pm

Human at Work: HR, SaaS, Enterprise software

  • Syte Logix – SaaS analytic platform enabling executives to proactively guide employee performance against corporate strategy.
  • electroNeek – is an RPA platform for business tasks automation by using Graphic Interface functions.
  • Skywriter Systems – Omni-Channel Digital Marketing / Communications
  • Aline – Next Generation Business Solutions for Enterprises.
  • Altinity – Leading Software and Services for ClickHouse Data Warehouse

May 16 (Thursday) 9:30am-10:45am

Human-centered AI: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data

  • – Data Science work sharing hub
  • ABAGY – Efficiency of industrial robots in small series production
  • – AI-powered Customer Experience Orchestration
  • OffWorld – AI-Powered industrial robotic work force
  • ClaimGenius – Making Touchless Claims a Reality” by harnessing the power of AI

May 16 (Thursday) 1:30pm-2:45pm

Human and Society: Social Networks, Privacy, Education, Fintech, Government

  • Artclever – Online Arts Education Platform
  • CommunityPilot – Privacy focused tools for community leaders
  • Hot Key Excellence – Gamification company that changes the way people learn hard skills
  • – Smart coupon platform giving businesses super powers
  • Socely – MailChimp for LinkedIn

SVOD sincerely congratulates the winners and wishes everyone luck in the final contest on May 15-16, 2019.

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