Allure Systems

To mirror the diversity of consumers, Allure Systems creates stunning visual experiences for clothing retailers, using augmented reality. Any of their models  models can appear to be wearing any of their clothes, but no longer need to be physically present at photo shoots. In fact, only stylists and garments are required to create new product images in an Allure solution. Allure Systems is transforming the productivity dynamic of any studio and rewriting retailers cost-per-image calculations.  More – and more relevant – images increase a shopper’s confidence to buy.

With augmented reality and 3D destined to deliver initiatives such as improved experience, better image search and personalization, Allure Systems’ solution also future-proofs fashion brands and retailers’ image assets.  While traditional photography can never produce 3D or AR-ready images for retailers, every Allure Systems studio can deliver 3D/AR-ready content which can be incorporated into new personalized online and in-store experiences.