AntiLand is an online community, where millions of people suffering from loneliness, stresses, and depressions are helped with anonymous talk therapy.

Every person who feels lonely, stressed, depressed or even suicidal needs someone who they could talk to and get the necessary support. Many people are afraid to speak from the heart to their friends and families because they are afraid of judgement.

Anonymous talk therapy is one of the best psychological solutions efficiently helping people to fight stresses, depressions and addictions. AntiLand has made it fast, free, and accessible from any part of the world. To prevent pornography, bullying and trolling we have developed 600+ unique algorithms and created a rewards system for 80 voluntary moderators.

Launched in 2015, AntiLand built a safe anonymous messaging platform, delivering over 5 Billion messages per month. The iOS and Android apps have been downloaded more than 20M times. Profitable since 2016.