Aromyx – Sensory Data to Fuel Innovation in Pharmaceuticals and Other Industries

Aromyx has built an integrated proprietary biosensor + AI software platform for digital capture and analysis of data generated by the nose and tongue to help enterprises sell more products. This data is 50% of all sensory data that is not currently measured. This new data is relevant to Product Quality, Product Yields, Human Emotions (calm, anxiety), and Customer Preferences.

Aromyx currently has a $250,000 R&D program with one of the largest pharma companies to increase yields in biologic drug fermentation and production. Aromyx also has a $250,000 R&D program with another company to measure human response to the effect of their drug. Aromyx estimates >$1B in revenue in 5 years based on these verticals as well as demand from several other industries.

Aromyx has a razor/razorblade business model: we sell biosensors and access to the data analytics and marketplace that interprets the biosensor data. The Aromyx platform includes the EssenceChip™ sensor, Allegory™ software suite, AromaGraph™ family of visual analytics and access to the growing Aromyx online database of sensory data. Customers purchase the EssenceChip disposable biosensor to measure receptor responses of interest to them, analyzing and sharing data via our software and central cloud marketplace. Aromyx anticipates becoming the world’s largest repository of olfactory data by 2020. Aromyx has 6 US patents pending for these technologies and future applications.

Aromyx members possess deep entrepreneurial and corporate experience and have founded more than a dozen startups. Our team is capital-efficient and has unique experience with the technology necessary to develop both the EssenceChip and Allegory software, in addition to significant sales (>$3B) and marketing experience. Previous companies and institutions include: IBM, Honeywell, Hewlett Packard, UCSF, Stanford, and Adobe.