BHander is a new level physical multicurrency wallet and payment solution for crypto- and crypto-fiat payments. It solves the greatest challenges existing wallets have:

It is super secure:

  • you never connect it physically to any other device, unlike available wallets;
  • optical communication with other devices only
  • it has own wireless internet connection to the blockchain;
  • PIN and finger scanner protected access;
  • private key stored in the protected area of physical memory

It has superior UI/UX, very simple to operate – especially for daily use by non-IT people “from the street”

It is affordable for most of the people on the planet – compare to 100usd price tag for existing much less secure wallets.

BHander Network built around the device unites users, crypto exchanges, banks, payment providers and merchants.

Our unique secure solution of optical communication (device to device and device to any screen: computer, smartphone, ATM, POS terminal) and autonomous connection to blockchain makes BHander the future daily payment method for hundreds of millions.

STATUS: We have already built the working device, which operates in testing environment, with cellular connection to real blockchains, able to transact device 2 device and device 2 any screen.