Biolink.Tech Limited develops unique biometric identification systems and personal artificial intelligence products and services. It addresses real universal problems with personal data security, privacy disrespect, identity management chaos, as well as the need for humans who are confronted by automation, to continuously up-skill and re-tool. It operates in a fast-growing cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence market predicted to be worth $256Bn by 2022.

Biolink.Tech is developing unique software and services based on biometrics, AI and blockchain. The business has made provisional applications for 4 patents and is looking to file another 18.


Biolink.Tech is a 100% secure and easy-to-use gateway between peoples’ ecosystems and IoT. It enables people to live their life without having to think about all the complications of protecting their data and using it to their advantage.

  • Biolink.Tech collects and processes biometric, environment (air purity, radiation levels) and digital behavioural data to create a new dynamic 100% secure identity, a new digital DNA.

  • The digital DNA is used by a personal, encrypted and 100% secure wearable device to connect to external systems and devices such as banking services, social networks, computers, smartphones and IoT devices such as cars, secure home locks and consumer electronics. The ID can also be used by businesses and employers to enable secure access to facilities, computer systems and data.

  • Biolink.Tech’s proprietary Operating System (OS) is powering a private browser that stops ads, unauthorised tracking, data collection and privacy intrusion and permits private mobile applications development fully compliant with GDPR.

  • All personal data will be stored in a decentralised secure cloud storage using blockchain technology. All data belongs to and is controlled by its owner who can share at their discretion; no data can get lost or stolen. Biolink.Tech does not own this data but can buy it from a user when needed.

  • Data is used to enable a suite of Personal AI services to help automate everyday tasks such as wallets/payments, calendar, health & nutrition coaching, smart comms and up-skilling.

A new and revolutionary Gesture interface that allows its owners to point at a device and manage it with gestures directly.